Boilers and Heating Installations

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In modern times, heating installations play a crucial role in enhancing industrial facilities for heating needs. These spaces take up a significant area and require substantial investment to provide a favorable environment for work and the normal conduction of industrial processes.

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Uni Compani offers a wide range of services in the field of heating installations, using various types of fuels, including liquids such as fuel oil and diesel, solids like wood and coal, as well as innovative solutions like biomass and wood pellets. Our team combines experience and expertise to deliver high quality and efficiency tailored to the individual parameters of each heating installation.

The heating installation comprises several essential elements that work synchronously to ensure efficient and comfortable heating.

The heart of the installation is the boiler, where heat is generated, and adapted to the specific needs of the facility. The burner is used for the effective combustion of various fuels, providing optimal temperature. The piping network distributes heat throughout the facility, ensuring coziness and comfort in every corner. Circulation pumps are responsible for circulating hot water, optimizing costs, and maintaining a stable temperature. Shut off and regulate fittings control and maintain the proper operation of the system. The flue and chimney ensure the safe discharge of exhaust gases.

Types of boilers offered by Uni Compani Ltd.

Used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and producing hot water for domestic needs.
Gas and Liquid Fuel Boilers
Gas Heater
Innovative solutions for various types of fuel, meeting modern efficiency requirements.
Condensing Boilers
Condens heater
Utilize the released heat from water vapor in flue gases to increase efficiency.
Electric Boilers
Provide convenience and flexibility in electronic system control.

At Uni Compani, we provide complete solutions for the design, installation, and maintenance of heating installations tailored to the specific needs of our partners. Each project is preceded by an analysis and consultation to align with efficiency, safety regulations, and ecological management requirements.

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