At Uni Compani, we offer integrated solutions for wastewater treatment in the dairy processing industry. Unlike domestic wastewater, which undergoes standard treatment procedures, industrial facilities face the challenge of dealing with pollution that can have a diverse and difficult-to-predict chemical composition.

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Dairy products are produced through specialized processes that require a significant amount of water.

This makes dairy processing plants some of the largest sources of polluted wastewater. Their composition includes numerous bacteria and organic substances with a high concentration of organic pollutants (proteins, lactose, fats, and others), as well as inorganic compounds – cleaning agents and disinfectants used for equipment maintenance.

Uni Compani provides solutions by installing personalized treatment systems that consider wastewater's physical and chemical properties in dairy processing plants.

The choice of a treatment system depends on the nature of the wastewater. It may range from a compact treatment facility, prepared for intermittent operation, to a continuous treatment plant, or a treatment station that operates sequentially.

It is essential to first analyze the wastewater. The selection of the purification approach depends on the results, the location, and the requirements that need to be met.


We utilize an advanced self-cleaning rotary screen, driven automatically. This system filters solid particles transported by water through a specialized drum, effectively isolating them on the surface with the assistance of an external scraper.
To handle variations in the hourly discharge of wastewater, we employ an equalization tank equipped with mixers. These mixers not only regulate flow rates but also blend the water to average pollution levels.
Physico-chemical TREATMENT
Following flocculation in pipe flocculators, we introduce essential reagents to facilitate key processes such as pH correction, coagulation, and flotation within the flotation unit.
Our approach involves a biological process designed to convert organic pollutants into mineral compounds. This transformation is achieved through the activity of microorganisms, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly treatment.
With the experienced team at Uni Company, we offer solutions that not only purify water but also enable its reuse for technological purposes.


When designing customized wastewater treatment facilities for dairy production plants, it is important to consider the physical properties and chemical composition of the water stream. Wastewater from dairy industries contains significant amounts of impurities from cheese, milk, and whey. There are also inorganic impurities (mainly soil and sand), which are also present in significant quantities, averaging 6-7 cubic meters per ton of processed milk. The amount of these pollutants is much higher in plants with older technology.

The dairy industry requires a large consumption of technological water and a wide variety of applications. Therefore, the complete treatment of wastewater is very beneficial, in order to allow for their further use for technological purposes. Water can be recycled to the highest quality and used for washing, cooling, processing, and irrigation.

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We offer supply and installation of water treatment plants for industrial purposes.

Consultancy services and construction of industrial wastewater treatment plants and facilities.

We specialize in the dairy industry due to our close cooperation with many dairy producers.

We prepare a complete design of industrial treatment plants.

As a reliable partner with expertise in the field of dairy processing, providing effective and innovative solutions for wastewater treatment in line with the requirements of your production process and adopting standards for sustainable development while preserving the environment.

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Схема на пречиствателна станция за отпадни води
Figure 1: Example process diagram of a dairy wastewater treatment plant.