High productivity ensures a significant return on investment.

Our production lines are designed as a set of machines with a continuous workflow. We create production processes with varying capacities, ranging from 500 kilograms to several tons per hour. The high productivity ensures a substantial return on investment. In this regard, Uni Compani provides an efficient solution for biomass briquette production. Briquettes utilize organic materials such as wood shavings, sawdust, sunflower and rice husks, straw, alfalfa, and more, turning them into a reusable product. This way, biomass transforms into an energy source in the form of briquettes which has an extended burning period and adds value to the utilization of waste raw materials.

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We offer complete solutions, including design, manufacturing, and integration of lines, tailored to the specific needs of our partners. The production process is divided into three stages:

Grinding and Feeding into the Pelletizing Line

За да постигнем максимален производствен капацитет и намалим износването на втулките на формиращата пресата за брикети, суровината се смила със сито с размер ø5 или ø6 mm. Суровината предварително се зарежда в междинния бункер и оттам през дозиращия шнек се подава плавно към чуковата дробилка. Чуковата дробилка фино смила материала и го подава през пневматичен конвейер към линия за брикети.

Уни Компани предлага:

  • Chain and pneumatic conveyors

  • Mills and crushers

  • Control panels for raw material crushing lines

Pellet Moulding, Cooling, and Sieving

In this part of the process, the raw material is uniformly fed through a screw feeder to the matrix of the pellet press. Passing through the matrix, pellets are formed, and with the help of a bucket conveyor, they move to cool down in a cooling tower. Cooled pellets that pass through a vibrating sieve are sorted, and only those with sizes from 5 mm to 30 mm remain. The remaining pellets are returned for re-pelletizing. The sorted pellets are moved to a packaging bunker with the help of a bucket elevator.

At Uni Compani you will find:

  • Dosing bunkers

  • Pellet presses (500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg)

  • Pneumatic and bucket conveyors

  • Cooling columns with a vibrating screen

  • Control panels for granulation lines


In this part of the process, we offer:

  • Semi-automatic packaging machines with a packaging range of 5–50 kg

  • Conveying equipment

  • Labeling machines

  • Scales

  • Palletizing machines

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